The Little Book of Books and the Big Page of Books

1I used to have this problem, where every time I finished reading a book, my palms would start sweating and I felt like a little kid does when he grabs the pants leg of a lady in the supermarket and realizes that it’s not his mother.  It wasn’t because I felt sad that I finished a book and the adventure was over, or even that I was so engrossed for the last fifty pages that I ignored all calls of bodily function…it was, as it turned out, a feeling of unease caused by a certain lack of order in my consumption of books.  I don’t mean planning which ones to read and in what order, but just keeping an eye on the ones I had already finished.  This lack of documentation had led to a myriad of problems in my reading career, like suddenly remembering a great scene from a book but being unable to recall the title or the author of said book, or worse, experiencing a gargantuan mind fart when asked to recommend a good book to a friend.  I couldn’t stop imaging them laughing at me when I turned around, convinced I was a book loving farce.  More sweaty palms ensued.

Anyways, I eventually fixed these problems by creating a Little Book of Books: a simple running log of all the books I’ve ever read, along with a few favorite quotations.  For anyone else who is anal about their reading habits, I recommend keeping one of these. It may be the answer to all of your agonizing, sweaty problems.


I keep two sections in my Little Book.  The first is a list of books and their authors which I enter from back to front. That way, the most recent books will be the easiest to find, and I don’t have to flip through a forever growing page of old books to get to the new ones every time I open it.  The list of quotes I keep from front to back, and, to my anticipated glee, they will one day meet in the center – perhaps in a shower of glitter and magic?  All of this occurs in a simple Moleskin notebook; you can fit it in your pocket, or in the side of your underwear if you don’t happen to have any pockets.

Well, there you go, and if you’d like to see the digitized contents of said book check out the new page I added: The Big Page of Books.  My plan is to update this page each time I finish reading a book, along with a new post on the main page with some tiddlybits about the book, the author, or what have you.  I’ll also choose some books or authors listed here to post about at random, but what I’d really like is for you to tell me if you want a post about something on that page and I’ll do it!


Interesting post? Perhaps not?

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