Lazy Reader?

Does your neck hurt when you bend over a book laid out on the table for too long? Do your wrists hurt from subsequently holding said book vertically in front of your face? Basically, are you a lazy-butt?  Well I am, and this is how I fixed everything:

photo 1

A book stand, yay!

photo 2

I was joking around about being a lazy-ass earlier but this is the kind of book that can really do a number on your wrists. Look at it!

photo 3

If you can find a stand with these little page holder thingies, you’ll have a hand free to hold your candelabra up real close to the pages, and freak out your neighbors when they see your face burning bright in the window.

About Annie McGovern

MA in Science and Medical Writing; Creative Writing BA; consumes books and science for sustenance (and tea); questionable Korean language skills; end
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