Pending Insight

I apologize for not having posted in some time, but it’s not from neglect, rather, it’s because the book I’m reading now is QUITE long.  I’m very close to the end, but until it’s finished I’ll leave you with this:


AHA! I promise I’ll have a lot to say about it.

And I would also like to share a picture of the most wonderful coffee shop in the world, located in Mokpo, South Korea (sorry, it’s far), at which I spent almost all of my Sunday afternoons in 2012, and which I think all coffee shops should look like on the inside. The US needs to jump on the book-themed coffee shop bandwagon. South Korea knows what we bookies want.

485617_4858398938000_1898902988_nToo bad I couldn’t read any of these books though. ㅠ.ㅠ

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MA in Science and Medical Writing; Creative Writing BA; consumes books and science for sustenance (and tea); questionable Korean language skills; end
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