Book Review—We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen

we_the_drownedIt’s been awhile, but oh I’ve got a book for you! It’s another tome, but unlike “The Luminaries’”  cerebral tread down convoluted lane, “We, the Drowned” is a swashbuckling visceral rampage through 100 years of the Danish town of Marstal’s history as it sails its way in and out of World War 2.

Unlike Moby Dick, which, in order to read,  you either have to have a whale anatomy fetish or be a distraught English major  (or if you’re me!!), this book is for everyone.  There was only one bit in the middle where I thought it got a little slow, but it’s only because the story took a slight respite from sailing in order to have some domestic scenes.  I think most people would enjoy this part, I just didn’t want the sailing to stop!

I think one of the best things about this book is that you get to experience the world of classical sailing without having to read a very old book.  It’s rare to find these types of adventure books that written in the present; it’s both accessible and accurate.  Enjoy!

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