Book Review—Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Alright, I already wrote about how awesome “Ready Player One” is, but now that I finished it I have a few things to say about its not so awesome parts.  Firstly, the main story, which is about the quest for an Easter Egg hidden within the massive virtual reality game/world OASIS, was superb.  It may seem a little strange to think of reading about someone playing a game, instead of actual playing it yourself, but I guarantee that if you like playing games you’ll enjoy it.  However, and secondly, the other aspects of the book, namely, the descriptions of the futuristic world outside of the game and the development of the supporting characters, was disappointingly flat.  There was a lot of potential for these two areas that was never realized, and in some cases, realized way too hastily. It was like a balloon farting out all its air before you get a chance to increase the decibels of your voice.

Oh, and one last thing.  I had a huge problem with the love interest bit, not because it fell into the category of not being explored enough, which it did, but because the interactions between the main character and his “female gamer” of interest sounded way too similar to how male gamers often stalk female gamers in MMORPGs.  It sent me all the way back to my early WoW days and ruined any sort of interest I may have developed in the love portion of the story.

All this being said, I still devoured the book in the span of 48 hours, skipping a few meals by accident in the process.

Rant complete.

Preliminary literary background check complete.

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Ready Player One.

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