Book Review—Stories of the Sea by Collected Authors

photoOopsies it’s been a long time, but for some reason this last book of short stories took quite awhile to finish.  I must say, although I really enjoyed this collection, it didn’t quite make me itch to jump on a boat like “We, The Drowned.”  This remains a puzzle to me since the stories included in “Stories of the Sea” by Everyman’s Pocket Classics, is the ultimate sea-related compilation, with stories by Melville, Conrad, Bradbury, Poe, and pretty much everyone else important.  Basically, it’s one of those books that’s great, not amazing, but also a necessary read because of the included authors’ places in seafaring literature history.

I recommend reading it on the beach on a sunny day!

safe_imageI don’t recommend sailing through the Moskstraumen in Norway, the maelstrom that inspired Poe to write his story included in the compilation.

Run away!

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