Ted’s Caving Page

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a link to an Angelfire website, created in 2001, that was written by a caver who claimed to have discovered something sinister while exploring a passageway in an unknown cave at an unknown location. It’s not the best piece of writing I’ve read, but its reception by the online community makes it worth a look; surrounding the piece is a fierce debate about whether or not the story is truth or fiction. In addition, the author has supposedly disappeared.


whippleBeing the supernatural pessimist that I am, in my opinion, of course it’s fake. But I admire the author’s sense of creativity in using the internet, and its various opportunities for blogging and posting, to extend his story beyond the page and into the real world. The internet is a whole new realm with innumerable possibilities for the written word, including Twitter novels and collaborative fiction. Ted’s Caving Page is a unique example of a story that uses the author’s physical existence (and not just his words, as they are used within memoirs, nonfiction books, etc) as an essential component.

Anyway, I look forward what more the internet will offer us hungry readers in the future. I hope it’s something epic, mind-bending, and perhaps slightly terrifying.

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