Book Review—Between You & Me by Mary Norris

IMG_3647I am of two opinions of this book. One, it was a perfect book for me to read at this point in my life, being in the throes of applying for copy editing jobs, and two, that it might be difficult for someone with little interest in the subject matter to get through to the end. “Between You & Me” is a compilation of tidbits relating to copy editing and grammar, the author’s background, and life at the New Yorker. At times it was compelling, at times educational, and at some times a little bit slow – the writing was great, but the subject matter, like the exploration of pencils and pencil sharpeners, is an acquired taste.

All this being said, I would recommend this book to English fanatics and literary nerds, with a caveat – don’t expect it to be a comprehensive overview of grammar. Instead read it as a memoir, full of wit and pockets of enlightening discussions. And for sure it will give you a taste of the copy editing life.

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