Book Review—What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi

fullsizerenderFantasy and reality combine in this book of short stories. In one, a husband and wife who are drifting apart conduct an experiment where they watch their hopes and fears manifest before them. In another, a girl joins a puppeteer school where the puppets and their human controllers change each other. Each story explores truths of the human existence, revealing them in ways that seem not quite possible, but still wholly believable and enlightening.

I devoured Helen Oyeyemi’s What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours and was devastated to read the last word. Each story is unique and just as enchanting as the last. Oyeyemi’s writing is simple and compelling, making this book an easy read and allowing the story, details, and place to pull you in. I would place this book in-line with other semi-fantastical writers such as Haruki Murakami and Karen Russell.

Story: 5 // Craft: 5 // Entertainment: 5

I give this book full marks in all three ratings and highly recommend it to any reader. I cannot wait to read more of Oyeyemi’s work.


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