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Guest Review from Hussain Ather: Kwame Appiah’s “Experiments in Ethics’”

ou’re in a dilemma. A train is about to run over five people strapped to the tracks. You may pull a lever to switch the train to another track where the train would only kill one person. In this thought experiment, known as the trolley problem, what would you do? Continue reading

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Book Review—Toms River: a story of science and salvation by Dan Fagin

In the 1950s the Swiss dye manufacturing company Ciba-Geigy arrived in Toms River, a small town by the Jersey shore. Yet as the company brought jobs, and a boon to the local economy, it also dumped billions of tons of hazardous chemical waste into the river, unlined landfills, and eventually the ocean. Continue reading

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I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon: https://twitter.com/anniemcg13 What is this new magic world that I’ve avoided for so long?

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Book Review—30 Days by XYZ

I aplogize for neglecting to post last month; my class and teaching schedules exploded at the same time. But I do have something for you today: a collection of sciencey poems! “30 Days” by XYZ (a biologist from England) is … Continue reading

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